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    T3 storage with substituted disk

      I have T3 storage which contains 9 disks each of 72 GB
      all of them share in one volume in the same volume V3 8 are data and the remaining one is standby

      the problem is that suddenly I found a faulty disabled disk so instead of its replacement as I read in the service manual that the drive should be enabled before being replaced so I pull it out then add it again so the volume reconfiguration automatic process began and it's being reconstructed and being rebuilt now for like 3 days ? and its state is ready and status substituted
      so is this normal or do I need to replace it ? and if so can I replace the disk during the rebuilding ?

      Thanks in advance :)
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          Hi, 857529,

          You are really lucky that all went good, usually it doesn't.
          Better read this:

          Here is lots of useful documentation.
          Probably you made one error two times so that's why it worked.

          If you have any questions, ask.
          Kirill Babeyev
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            Thanks for your reply
            but does that mean that it's good
            I know the state is Ready but It's been long time with the status substituted it didn't change to enabled yet ?
            Why is that ?
            I checked all the documents but it still gives substituted and when I issue the proc list command it is still in the process list
            so I think there is a problem with the disk
            so how can I replace it while it's being rebuilt as it seems ??

            or do you think that I don't need to replace it at all and that's everything is working fine

            Thanks again for your support :)
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              Hello, 857529,
              Yes actually the problem is with the disk, I think you have even big problems with it.
              I'll think about this problem for some time.
              Maybe it will be better not to replace it, because it seems that it is 'jammed'.
              If you know that it is *"Ready"* just don't mind!
              If you have any questions, ask.
              If you want to say "thank you " for my advises it is better to put *"Helpful"* above my answer.
              Kirill Babeyev
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                Didn't I mark your answer as helpful ?!!
                I always do
                Sorry for this miss communication
                Thanks so much for your help so far
                but what do you mean with "jammed"?

                Thanks & Best Regards,