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    UPK Standard - UPK Pro

      New to PS and still in our build phase of our implementation. We purchased UPK Standard. We have the delivered content with no topic creation/modifications as of yet. Is there anyone that was on Standard and upgraded to Pro? What are the disadvantages of not having UPK Pro and why did you upgrade? The current plan is to remain on our LMS vice moving to PS ELM. UPK may not become our single source for course creation as we are looking at other products.
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          Knowledge Center with UPK Standard is basically a content delivery tool. You can provide your audience with a single URL to get authenticated and all your published UPK content will be there available to view as basically a loose collection of published content. With UPK Pro, Knowledge Center includes more advanced features for delivering your content by creating 'courses' or Knowledge Paths that you can enroll individuals or user groups. Knowledge paths have many features that might be useful such as making one piece of content a pre-requisite before being able to take a subsequent piece of content, setting up pre- and post-assessments, setting a minimum passing score in order to proceed, personalized content, as well as collaborative features like Ask an Expert. Of course, the 'loose collection of published content' that you get with UPK Standard is still available in UPK Pro. A more comprehensive explanation of the advantages of UPK Pro should be available in the product documentation.