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    Problems with StorageTek 2540 (no FW upgrade possible)

      We have two StorageTek 2540 units here, both with 1 controller at FW version (supplied with CAM 6.4.1). I tried various things with two versions of CAM, namely 6.9.0 and 6.6.0, both giving me the same errors:
      - If I put both controllers in one enclosure and try to upgrade them, I get an error that 'staged download is not supported', thus failing the FW upgrade
      - If I put the controllers in separate enclosures and try to upgrade, I get the error that they are degraded and cannot be updated: "Could not connect to array. One of the controllers is not reachable. Check network and password."
      - If I try to set the redundancy level to simplex using the 'service' utility, I get an error 'Authentication failed - couldn't read password'
      - Many options in the web interface give errors, I can't even rename the array, reset a battery age, create a volume, etc.

      Is there some way to completely reset the configuration or force the firmware to be upgraded, even though the arrays are degraded? I can't do anything with them now... The IP addresses of the arrays are configured over DHCP, this should not be a problem, right? They get the same address every time they request one, though.

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