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    Is the StorageTek 2500 useless without Array Manager software?


      I'm pretty new to the Sun hardware club. I just got 2 servers (x4100 and 2100) and 2 arrays (2530 and 2510) plus lots of disks from a friends company. I thought I was lucky and searched for firmware, software and stuff to get the arrays configured. I got the documentation and now want to use Common Array Manager.

      Pretty soon I had to find out that with the switch to Oracle, lots of stuff has disappeared. Many links to Common Array manager downloads do not work. The rest lead me to the Support contract page, which I apparently do not have.

      Is there a way to register for just software downloads for this "old" hardware? I'm just a technician/computer science student trying to get some expertise by self-learning. I do not see much sense in paying a contract for old non-supported products.

      Is my hardware rendered useless? Is there a simple free support plan avaiable?

      IBM and HP (from which I do have some servers around) do have all the drivers, firmwares and such available on their website. Even my nearly 15 years old eServer still has all the drivers for download.

      thanks for the heads up,
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          Nicolas Wipfli -Oracle

          Sun Storage Common Array Manager (CAM) is free of charge however in order to download it, you need to have a valid login on our web site https://support.oracle.com and this login needs to be associated to contract or warranty in order to download CAM. It is not possible to download CAM if you do not have a valid login entitled to download CAM.

          If you have any questions about that, do not hesitate to call our sales support organisation which can assist you.

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            I just wanted to give an update on this.

            After long discussions I got an offer from Oracle to get a paid support contract subscription. In numbers it was around 2500 EUR for both arrays and the two servers. For something to play around with at home? Not something I could afford. I tried to make them understand that anything above 50 EUR is useless. I tried to describe that I wanted to get CAM and never return to the site for any support. I was without luck.

            I thought I was lucky, getting some used Sun hardware in my hands but:
            - Sun is definitely dead, no access to firmware or special software renders products like external arrays useless
            - Oracle is not willing to give free/low-cost access to downloads
            - I do understand now, why there is no market for used Sun hardware on Ebay

            - IBM yay! Downloads back to P1 Server from somewhere 1995
            - HP yay! Also loads of back dated downloads to play with
            - Dell yay! At least servers stuff range back in time +10 years
            - Apple yay! Okay, no servers but still download back to stuff from 98/99

            I personally do not understand what Oracle get's from this. All people I asked (former Sun dealers) seem to have switched to other Hw vendors. As an admin, I learned my stuff with used hardware. With things learned from this Oracle thing, I'd always suggest IBM, HP or Dell to my boss/co-workers/customers or anyone now using stuff from Oracle.

            It seems to a bit late after the buy out, but now even I got it: Sun was great in the ancient past. Oracle is the black hole which sucked it all up :(

            Okay, sorry I had to get this off my mind. Please don't take my opinion personal in any way. I know Support cost money, Download servers cost too, but this...

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              I have to agree to that, currently in the same boat looking for a free storage manager. I get an error while trying to download it :

              Failure of server APACHE bridge:

              No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds or idempotent set to OFF.

              I assume its due to lack of service contract? It would be nice to use it and I would happily pay for it but for such money its just ridiculous. Oracle can be absolutely sure that I wont be buying or recommending anything from them.

              If anyone would like to share the software(whatever 6.X version) please post a link here or post a message and I'll pm You.
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                CAM software , maybe you can find something here

                http://wesunsolve.net/ or on the links down in the left page , example http://filibeto.org/