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    Discuss boost and burry

    John P
      If you have information regarding Boost and Burry and how best this feature is implemented please discuss here.
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          Hi John,

          Bust and burry feature provides some records you can display on top and some records can display on bottom.
          Suppose that if you want to show specific brand product display on top and specific brand product display on bottom.

          I have a quick link that demonstrate this feature.

          Navigate to BULBS>LED Bulbs

          the result will display Philips related product on top..



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            John P

            This feature sounds excellent, if only I can get this thing to work. Can't wait to see this thing in action.

            Thanks for your help so far in the other Micro Browser issue discussion. Do you have any documentation or link for more information (I know Eden is gone). I only have this -XMgrExtensionsUserGuide.pdf that came with 2.1.2 zip, inside the doc folder.

            I wish Oracle Endeca team give detailed document on 2.1.2 documentation more specific to MDEXService and MDEXDataService.

            Any help is highly appreciated. Your example URL will definetely help folks.

            I get this "Load Meta Data Error" when I expand a boost and bury cartridge in workbench.