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    ADF-BC deployment in JDeveloper 11g Release 1

      use case : Suppose, If I got already developed/compiled ADF-BC application and I want to deploy it in soa_server1 and use its services in SOA composite application for process orchestration.

      --> deployed the ADF-BC application to soa_server1 using Jdeveloper (already set soa_sever1 connection and it is up & running)
      --> deployment message in Jdev console states that deployment is successful.
      --> got a WSIL connection in Jdev to unit test the deployed services.
      --> deployed service visible under WSIL connection after refresh
      --> but when I right click the service & say Test Web Service --> Jdev throws error stating "An unexpected severe ERROR has occurred" and got option to close the Jdev.

      can you anyone guide ? why this error is occurring ?