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    PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 OVM in a single VirtualBox guest machine

    J R Hunter
      Following a suggestion from Jim Marion in an earlier post in this forum, I started installing the PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 OVM using a single VirtualBox guest. The PeopleSoft OVM appliances are delivered as two separate virtual machines, one for the DB and another for the PIA/App-Batch. Since I am running on a 4 GB RAM laptop I wanted to conserve memory by installing on a single virtual machine.

      As I was starting to figure out the changes needed in the configuration scripts, for example creating a symbolic link instead of an nfs mount for PS_APP_HOME, I got a surprise. Lo and behold, the good folks at Oracle had already thought of this! In the oraclevm-template.sh there is an environment variable VBOX_SETUP that is set if the script detects the existance of both PS_DB_HOME and PS_HOME. This triggers the installation of all the tiers -- DB, App-Batch, PIA -- on a single machine. With a few tweaks I was able to get a fully functioning HCM environment with a single execution of the setup script.

      The starting point for installing PeopleSoft OVMs on VirtualBox is these two blog posts:

      [url http://jjmpsj.blogspot.com/2012/05/converting-peoplesoft-ovm-templates-to.html]
      [url http://jjmpsj.blogspot.com/2012/06/converting-peopletools-ovm-template-to.html]

      Since I was only using a single virtual guest I mounted all the file systems at once. Here are the entries (excluding the System images which are only mounted temporarily as explained in Jim's blog posts):

      in VirtualBox:
      SATA Port 1: Oracle11gR2.vdi (Normal, 4.41 GB)
      SATA Port 2: HCMDB.vdi (Normal, 26.38 GB)
      SATA Port 3: Tools.vdi (Normal, 11.25 GB)

      in /etc/fstab:
      /dev/sdb1               /u01                    ext3    defaults        1 3
      /dev/sdc1               /opt/oracle/psft/ptdb   ext3    defaults        1 4
      /dev/sdd1               /opt/oracle/psft/pt     ext3    defaults        1 5
      I commented out the ovm_set_password and ovm_configure_network steps in /u01/scripts/db-reconfig.sh since I had manually set up a static IP on my guest. (Note: this script no longer bothers checking for or setting up oracleasm so you don't need to worry about that). I also uncommented the DEBUG_PSFT_OVM variable in the /opt/oracle/psft/vm/oraclevm-template-utils.sh script. Doing this bypasses the root password reset and networking configuration in the oraclevm-template.sh script.

      I modified the .bash_profile script for psadm1, psadm2 and psadm3 to use the ORACLE_SID that the setup script discovered based on the contents of $PSFT_DB_HOME/oradata and added $PS_HOME/setup to the PATH for COBOL compiles:
      # psft env vars
      export PS_APP_HOME=/opt/oracle/psft/pt/apptools
      export PS_CFG_HOME=/home/psadm2/psft/pt/8.52
      export ORACLE_BASE=/opt/oracle/psft/pt/oracle-client
      export ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_BASE/11.2.0.x
      export ORACLE_SID=HR91C323
      export TUXDIR=/opt/oracle/psft/pt/bea/tuxedo
      . /opt/oracle/psft/pt/tools/psconfig.sh
      export PATH=$TUXDIR/bin:$PATH:$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PS_HOME/setup
      export LANG=C
      export COBDIR=/opt/oracle/psft/pt/cobol/svrexp-51_wp4-64bit
      export PATH=$PATH:$COBDIR/bin
      (Just a note on the beauty of VirtualBox: I didn't figure out all the above in a single step. But by taking some snapshots of my virtual machine I was able to go back and start over with a minimum of fuss.)

      I still had a few errors after I got a clean run of /opt/oracle/psft/vm/oraclevm-template.sh:
      <li>The app engine VERSION program failed because it didn't pick up the PS_SERVER_CFG variable. The variable is set in the script so I'm still trying to figure out what happened.
      <li>The ovm_dbusers.sql failed on a couple of statements with insufficient privileges. It is run as SYSADM and may need to be run as sysdba.
      <li>The ovm_ib.sql script had a unique constraint error on an insert into psibsvcsetup. Since the row already exists this should probably be an update.

      These were minor issues that were easily resolved after the instance was up.

      I have started making changes to further reduce the footprint of the VM: lower weblogic min/max heap size to 128m, don't start PSAESRV in the batch server, don't start Analytic and Query servers in the app server, lower the sga_target and pga_aggregate_target in the db server, etc.

      These PeopleSoft OVM templates are a fantastic way to get started with an up-to-date, well configured PeopleSoft application.