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    WebAnalysis pointing to different database

    Rafael Melo
      Hello all!

      We are migrating our Hyperion application to a different server but the same version ( and the essbase server we put in a different server. We've imported all object to the new server (IR,WA,FR). The problem occurs with the WebAnalysis. We have configured all webanalysis connection to connect to our new essbase server and with the admin user it works fine (connect to the correct essbase server)... but when we try connecting with a different user other than the admin (just a few permissions), it tries to connect to my older essbase server. I know it is trying to connect to the older one because it asks for the login and the password and when i inform the older one login and password it connects.
      In short... if I connect with admin user it is using one connection... if a different user, it uses another connection... (my guess)

      Any help?

      Warm Regards,
      Rafael Melo