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    Installing OBIEE Issues

      Hi All,

      Im installing OBIEE on my laptop. I have installed database 11gR2 (Windows 32bit) and the Repository Creation Tool. I have gone ahead and installed OBIEE (Simple Install)and the install runs completely with no problems until Im asked to restart my machine. After I restart I see all the components installed except Administration Tool. When I go to the Business Intelligence menue it only shows "Deinstall." How can I get access to the Administration Tool to work in the repository. Help.

      Lenovo Thinkpad T400
      Windows XP SP3
      8GB RAM
      Processor: 2.4GHz
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          Satya Ranki Reddy

          Give full control permission to Everyone (OBIEE installed folder).


          Where you have installed obiee in that drive give to full permission to Every one.

          Select Drive--> Right click--> Properties--> select security--> Add --> Every one user--> Give full control privileges to every.

          Refer this link .

          Installation guide.

          Re check you installation method.


          Hope this help's


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            Christian Screen
            You can also go to your installation path and navigate in the <BI_HOME> path, i.e.: Oracle_BI1, \Oracle_BI1\server\bin

            From that path you should have no problem manually launching the admintool.exe file.