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    RDP at login screen and/or auto-login

      Hi all.
      With OL 6.3, is it possible to RDP to the machine at login, so you don't have to be physically at the machine (or kvm...)?
      And also, is it possible to auto-login as a user?
      (Note: only wanting to do this on a test machine.)

      Russell H.
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          The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft. RPD is not standard on Enterprise Linux and you will have to install 3rd party software. You can however use a VNC client under Windows and enable the VNC server to allow Remote Desktop connections. Mac OS X client can use standard screen sharing. To be able to use Remote Desktop using VNC, you must have the X Window system and minimal Desktop installed on the server, which is not default in Enterprise Linux 6 anymore. What do you have installed?

          If you have the Gnome Desktop installed on Oracle Linux you can use the "Remote Desktop" control panel to setup VNC access from the System:Preferences menu.

          Here is a previous post where I explained who to establish a VNC session through a SSH tunnel, which is the most secure and will work with NAT and provided a Firewall that allows ssh connections: problems w remote access of gnome desktop

          Automatic login is not recommended unless you don't have to worry about security.

          For Gnome desktop autologin:

          edit */etc/gdm/custom.conf* and add the following:


          For automatic text based login:

          edit */etc/init/tty.conf* and change:

          exec /sbin/mingetty $TTY
          exec /sbin/mingetty –autlogin username $TTY

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            Thanks Dude.
            The Gnome Desktop autologin was what i was after. (The RDP part was in case there was no autologin available).
            Since it's just a local test bed with no confidential info/configs etc, there is no security issue around it autologing-in.

            Cheers and thanks.
            Russell H.