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    Reprovisioning issue


      I am doing provisioning through roles. When I am adding new roles to the user, I am calling 'reProvision' provisioning workflow service.

      I am also passing 'targetResources' to restrict the reprovisioning only to the particular resource being provisioned through the current role.

      <Action id='0' name='reprov' application='com.waveset.provision.WorkflowServices'>
      <Argument name='op' value='reProvision'/>
      <Argument name='accountId' value='target15'/>
      <Argument name='subject' value='Configurator'/>
      <Argument name='targetResources'>
      <Argument name='user'>

      This is only updating what is given in the 'targetResources'. However the problem is, it is calculating all the other attributes of other assigned roles which are not relevant to the current operation. And it impacts the performance a lot.

      To be more clear, if a user is assigned with role1, role2, role3 and when I am assigning role4, it is only reprovisioning the resource mentioned in role4. But it recalculates all the attributes which are part of role1, role2, role3 even though they are not updated finally.

      I haven't seen any attributes in the 'com.waveset.provision.ProvisioningOptions' class to restrict the other roles' attributes refresh.

      Please suggest if we have any ways to restrict the other roles being refreshed. Thanks in advance!
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          I think recalculates all the attributes which are part of role1, role2, role3 is due to userview you get earlier and now going to provision role4 have some new resources.

          try after getting userview having lighthouse resources only, set the targetoptaion as well.
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            Thanks for your reply.

            Checking out the user view with Lighthouse alone and adding role4 also was also recalculating the attributes related to role1, role2 and role3. Looks like this is an issue with the SIM behavior.