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    AQ Notification questions

      Hi i am new to the AQ. I have to implement Java listener to listen on AQ messages (this is not java question but really how the QA works). I noticed that listener is only triggered when a new message is enqueued. In other words, if i turn off my listener, the messages are still populated into queue but not yet processed because listener is off. When i turned on listener, i was expecting that it would pick up all accumilated messages in the queue. But it did not.

      Is a way we can instruct listener, when we register the listner to AQ, to pick all existing message first when listner starts.

      Or how should we do to catch up all existing messages when listner has to be down for a while. I think MQ has default to pick up all existing message in its queue at beginning when listener(s) are turned on.

      Any help will be appreciated very much.