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    Can't retrieve username using expression builder on a run time data control

      Here's the scenario:

      1. I added a Data Control resource in WebCenter Spaces, which has one paramater to get: username.
      2. I added the Data Control in Oracle Composer, and selected the return method to show as a read only form.
      3. In adding the Return method, under DC Parameters I have to get the username and place it on my parameter, ie: arg0 = username. arg0 is my data control parameter.

      I tried using every possible code there is in the Expression Editor to retrieve the username, but I keep getting null when I test it. I've tried *#{securityContext.userName}*, *#{webCenterProfile[securityContext.userName].userName}*. I also tried creating a page parameter, and use it like this: *#{bindings.myUsername}*, but still won't work. Its always null.

      How do I retrieve the username and bind it to the parameter of my data control using expression editor? Please help. Thanks.

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