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    Confused in oracle database firewall

      Dear all,

      I'm working on lab for oracle database firewall. Document on Oracle database Firewall reading have a lot of limit to understand for configuring.

      Anyone can help me in this lab:

      situation of lab:
      - Install oracle database firewall on one machine which have two networkd card, (for monitor only using span port group on switch).
      - For testing, I install local monitor on SQL express 2005 server (script for SQL server), Unfortunately, In this lab document don't give a solution for communicating between SQl server and Database Firewall, How can I configure SQL server to communicate with database firewall,

      thanks anh best regard,
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          Hello, user12326737,
          I think you should check if you are following these guidelines:

          When using a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later database, ensure that the database uses mixed-mode authentication.

          Local monitoring uses a source IP address of, and port 0, for statements originating from a console user or other process. The destination address (displayed in the traffic log) is the same as one of the protected databases being monitored.

          Local monitoring does not record duplicate SQL statements. It only records the last SQL statement in a set of duplicate SQL statements.

          Local Monitor does both a forward and reverse DNS lookup to determine if a session is from the local machine. If a DNS configuration is broken and prevents the server from doing the lookup successfully, then the Local Monitor cannot record console events. To ensure that Local Monitor records all local sessions, check that your DNS configuration is correct.

          If you do, then tell me.
          If you have any questions, ask.
          Kirill Babeyev
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            Thanks! I finally have found a solution.....Pfffffffffff
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              If you can, please put a *"Correct"* sign above my advise.
              See you
              Kirill Babeyev