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    How to export view definitions

      I'm having following issue:

      I have created my own view definitions in Endeca Studio, via View Manager UI, and export them by following the recommendations found at https://wikis.oracle.com/display/endecainformationdiscovery/Export+View+Configuration.

      Such recommendations are to create a graph that connects to Endeca Data Store and saves all view configuration in the required format for the LoadViewDefinitions graph.

      Actually, I was able to create the graph and run it. After that, the xml file with the view definitions was created.

      However, when I tried to run the LoadViewDefinitions graph, to import the definitions of the xml file to other data store, the following error came out:

      Interpreter runtime exception in function substring on line 5 column 26 - 'String index out of range: -161'

      By looking at the xml file and comparing it with other xml files, I could see that it contains only one long line with all the code, and I think this is the cause of the import failure.

      Could anyone help me with this?

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          Kartik Pasunuri-Oracle
          Hi vpilan,

          Yes you are right. Please delete that white space from that XML file and relaunch the graph. It should work as it did for me.

          Kartik P.
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            Not sure if I understood when you said to delete that white space from xml file. The thing is that the xml file contains only one long line with all code, like this:

            <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"><soap:Body><listEntitiesResponse xmlns="http://www.endeca.com/endeca-server/sconfig/1/0"><semanticEntity key="LandedCost" displayName="LandedCost"><definition>DEFINE LandedCost AS SELECT...

            While other files that work are like this:

            <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
            <listEntitiesResponse xmlns="http://www.endeca.com/endeca-server/sconfig/1/0">
            <semanticEntity key="LandedCost" displayName="LandedCost">
            DEFINE LandedCost AS SELECT ...

            What should I do with the one that does not work? Which white space are you referring to?

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              Ryan S.-Oracle
              This can also occur if you have the base view in your xml (This is included in the export). If you manually delete this from your .xml file you should be able to use the import graph. We will be posting an updated design pattern shortly that accomplishes this programmatically.