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    Oracle Applications 11i Load Balancing does not work with RAC one Node

      Hi all,

      Could you help me to resolve this issue.

      Architecture environment is :
      - One APPS tier node
      - Two nodes Oracle Database Appliance (Primary node 1 holds INSTANCE_1 et Secondary node is configurured to holds INSTANCE_2), i.e RAC one Node.
      - The primary node have instance_name SIGM_1 and the secondary node have instance_name SIGM_2, but in RAC one node, the secondary instance is not alive.

      We convert our EBS 11i environment to RAC following note ID Using Oracle 11g Release 2 Real Application Clusters with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i [ID 823586.1].

      When testing Database failover, Oracle Applications 11i load balancing does not work anymore.

      The root cause is that, when the primary node of the Rac one node is down, the INSTANCE_NAME_1 is automaically relocating to the surviving node,.

      During test failover, we imagine that when the primary node goes down, the secondary node start or relocate database with instance_name SIGM_2, and in that case the Oracle Applications load balancing works.

      Currently, when the primary node goes down, the instance_name SIGM_1 is relocated on the secondary node, which cause failure of Oracle Applications Load Balancing.

      Thank you for your advice.