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    XML to CSV denormalization/conversion

      Hi all

      I have an xml file as shown below and want to denormalize it to csv files for import into an Oracle 11gR2 DB using dataload.

      How should this be done, I have been told that xslt can do it but I am not sure how to do it and how to make xslt create seperate csv files for the elements that have unbounded max occurencies.

      <AKTOER_BOK NAVN="Manning, Mick" ROLLE="Forfatter" ID="685142"/>
      <AKTOER_BOK NAVN="Granström, Brita" ROLLE="Illustratør" ID="685143"/>
      <SPRAAK KODE="bm" TEKST="Bokmål"/>
      <EMNE LITTFORM="Billedbøker"/>
      <NIVAA VOKSEN_BARN="3-6" FOM="3" TOM="6"/>
      <TITTEL HOVED="Western USA"/>
      <AKTOER_BOK NAVN="Manning, Mick" ROLLE="Forfatter" ID="685142"/>
      <FORLAG>Lonely Planet</FORLAG>
      <VAREGRUPPE KODE="32010" TEKST="Amerika"/>
      <BOKGRUPPE KODE="602" TEKST="Verk. Sakpr. voksne"/>
      <INNBINDING KODE="h" TEKST="Heftet"/>
      <UTGAVE AAR="2012" NR="1"/>
      <SPRAAK KODE="eng" TEKST="Engelsk"/>

      I appreciate any input!

      Jens Erik