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    User Properties

      Is there a way to change user properties assigned to nodes during runtime. For example, I have a user property 'Tooltip' assigned to few nodes and I display it using a UI element. I want to change this property based on selection of the options. Is this possible using a rule (CX or otherwise)? Thanks.
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          Are you stating that you want the VALUE of the property to change? Or are you looking to change the tooltip source to look at Property A in one case and Property B in another case?

          In general, properties of the node are static at runtime. One option is to look at using the the "UserStrXX" properties of the node. These can be changed (via CX) at runtime.

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            Biju --

            Endorsing Jason's suggestion...a dynamic User String Property is definitely the way to go here. Your CX will initialize, for example, UserStr01 to be the "Tooltip" User Property value on each node that has that Property. Your CX will also be responsible for managing how UserStr01 should change as the configuration changes. You may then use UserStr01 as the 'Rollover Text Source' in the UI Content Template that's being used to display your Options.

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              Thanks Jason/Eogan for the solution suggestion.