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    FileUpload and special characters problem

      Dear all,

      I currently encounter a issue with the FileUpload module.

      In my user form I have a FileUpload module to enable the user to upload a certificate file. The module itself is working fine but when the user controls an organisation containing a special character (like ñ), I cannot save the form because of the following error :

      ( ) - Warning: Parenthesized values in field 'accounts[Lighthouse].controlledOrganizations' do not match any of the allowed values.

      No controlled organisation is parenthesized.

      If I remove the FileUpload module, there is no error and I can save the user.
      If I change the type of the FileUpload module to Text, there is no error and I can save the user.

      I have two environments with this problem and two other without but the forms are identical, the java classes are the same. I do not see what would be able to cause this behaviour.

      Do you have any idea how to fix this ?

      It looks like the issue reported in this thread Problem using FileUpload Class Element/ encoding/ umlaut problem