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    Personalize view issue in iExpense

      Hi All,
      We are facing one issue with Personalize Views in iExpense Reports page. Followed below steps.

      1. From Expenses Home page, click on the Expense Reports tab.
      2. Enter Payee, and click Go button.
      3. Click on Save Search button.
      4. Enter View Name.
      5. Under Attribute Properties, select Name, Report number, Report Date and Report Total to the Columns Displayed.
      6. Click Apply and View Results button. (More columns are displayed like Duplicate, attachment, Total)
      7. Click Personalize button and click on Update icon. (More columns are moved to the Columns Displayed side.

      i have analyzed those components(Duplicate, attachment, Total). They are having child components like switcher and some mapping components. These components are automatically inculded in views, even it is not selected. It seems that it is the problem with oracle "personalize views" page itself. Please suggest to resolve this issue.

      Thanks in advance.