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    upgrade TUXEDO from 6.5 to 11gR1 along with operating system on iSeries

      Some time ago I mentioned on forum, that there company I work for is considering upgrade it's TUXEDO from 6.5 version to the most current one on iSeries machine, which is 11gR1 as far as I'm concerned. Now it's the time the process starts, and because we have small time frame to accomplish that and operation seems to be quite risky I'd rally appreciate some help. Here are some more specifics:
      1. Current operating system version is V5R4 - the plan is to upgrade it to V7R1.
      2. Since on V7R1 TUXEDO 6.5 that is currently used won't work we're forced to upgrade TUXEDO also.

      Few essential questions arise:
      1. Is it necessary to modify any existing tuxedo services code? If it is, under what conditions?
      2. Should I expect any other problems?

      According to document titled "Technical Guidelines of Upgrading to Tuxedo 11gR1"
      and site http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E15261_01/tuxedo/docs11gr1/install/insup.html it refers to, the process should be quite straightforward and no problems are expected. Does anybody here have experience doing upgrade like that? I searched forum and found some questions about upgrading TUXEDO on iSeries, so I assume somebody could have done this before...
      My worries arise partially from past problems, during upgrading operating system itself (from previous release to V5R4). At that time TUXEDO servers where shutting down randomly and we had problems finding cause. After some months we found that the problem was ZLIB library. After we got more recent (or recompiled at least) version of module from Oracle the problem was solved.
      I wish we could avoid problems like that this time since operation seems to be more risky and challenging.

      Best regards

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