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    Can't input in Khmer (Cambodian) to AL32UTF8 DB from Forms 10g?

      We have a application in English. We want to sell this to a Cambodian customer. They want to enter data in BOTH English and Khmer. Our application is in Forms 10g R2 (Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production)).

      In order to do this can we use a 11g ( EE)  DB with AL32UTF8 character set??? I assume we can.

      We have a local 11g DB with AL32UTF8.

      Now, in order for me to actually do a test on this, I downloaded Khmer fonts. I searched all over the web. There are some sites like this http://www.sbbic.org/2010/03/27/how-to-install-khmer-unicode-on-your-windows-xp-computer/ .
      U have to run an exe, then deploy the fonts. I did all that. I can in fact type in Khmer in Notepad.

      I created a table and Oracle form for this table. I specified the Khmer font to the text field. When I run ths app and try to enter data into this field in Khmer, what gets typed in question marks, like this ????? ?????? ?????.

      Why is this??? Why can't I type in Khmer in the Forms' text fields???

      My client machine's OS is Windows XP, version 2002 , SP 3.

      Here is everything as an image: http://s16.postimage.org/jyhc5mvk3/problem.jpg

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.