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    PCG Seed Data Invalid characters displayed in FRC

      Hi, I'm not certain this is the correct forum or not.

      Customer has PCG 7.3.2 on 11i, using FRC.

      Many menus and concurrent program names & messages (all seed data) that use accents, are displaying garbled characters.

      eg: GRC Controls : Règles associées aux écrans

      when viewed through TOAD, Data looks the same, yet non PCG seed data with same words have the correct french accented characters.

      NLS character set is WE8ISO8859P1, not UTF8. (which is standard in 11i FRC installs).

      As per the PCG install guide, I have tried using both files (for UTF8 & WE8ISO8859P1) in $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/admin/resource/FRC, but the results do not change.

      I think this may have had something to do with environment setting used during the installation process.
      I would like to experiment with this, but cannot find the scripts/files that actually seed the FRC data for seeded menus and concurrent programs.

      Can anybody guide to to these ? or provide an alternative or known (I can't find one) solutiuon ?