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    Class diagrams/uml modeling

      I would like to know if we can create UML class diagrams using STUDIO. I searched for the same with netbeans and this link showed up:


      I was not able to add/search for any plugin from STUDIO. Is it possible?

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          I'm sorry to say that, but currently it is not possible. The UML support has been dropped by NetBeans a few years ago (after 6.7 release)Al. Since than it has been taken over by community (led by Javier Ortiz <javier.ortiz.78@gmail.com>) about 2-3 years back and it is been developed as community plug-in. This group is very focused on Java support. Meanwhile Javier asked me about C++ APIs couple of years ago. You may try to sync up with him to figure out there they are with C++ support.
          In Studio you may try the Call Graph feature which is not a substitution to UML by any means, however it may serve you well depending on your needs.
          Also please note that Visual-Paradigm provides a commercial UML plug-in for NetBeans: http://www.visual-paradigm.com/support/documents/vpumluserguide/2381/2384/66569_overviewandi.html
          while the IDE integration is mentioned as a feature of free community edition as well. I know for sure that VP supports C++ UML, but I do not know if that support is enabled for NetBeans and Solaris Studio.

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            Leo, Thanks for the response.

            Technically, most of the info needed to create a class diagram exists already.
            It will be great if we can have this feature as part of some upcoming release.
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              So you only need a class diagram, right? We have Class Hierarchy view, what is missing there? You need somewhat different representation or export ability?
              Once we understand your need we can certainly add it rather quickly.
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                Yes, I am interested primarily in the class diagram. Class hierarchy is definitely good but a class diagram would help in a lot of ways.

                For instance,

                - Documentation.(as you have mentioned, with export ability).
                - For quick reference, no need to go through older design docs and helps if the type hierarchy list is too lengthy.