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    Oracle 10g 2 instances System can connect to one instance and not the other

      I'm new to Oracle but not new to databases.

      I'm in a jam.

      I have an Oracle 10g server(Windows 2K3) with two instances.

      Instance 1 = Orcl
      Instance 2 = MyDB

      I forgot the system password. Yep I'm an idiot.

      Looking around I found some methods for resetting the System password which worked partially.

      Using the new password I can connect to MyDB through SQLPlus and Enterprise Manager.

      However I cannot connect to Orcl.

      My AD user belongs to the ORA_DBA group on the server.

      I'm not clear on the user model for Oracle.

      Does anyone have any suggestions how can I connect to the Orcl instance?

      Just to be clear I had successfully connected to both instances previously.

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