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    How to choose the right EBO or  common components in AIA?


      In my current project, I have to choose the right EBOs from the EnterpriseObjectLibrary for canonical data modeling. But in many cases, I can't find the right EBO or Common Components to build the data model.
      For example, I need to build a Employee or EmployeeParty data model utilizing EBO. But after searching in the library, I only find EmployeePartyReference in the Common Components. EmployeePartyReference extends PersonPartyReferenceType which is already in the top hierarchy of schema structure.
      But in my opinion, reference components can only supplement EBO or business components. I should find an EBO or business components like EmployeePartyEBO or EmployeeParty element for modeling. It is hard for modeling only with reference components.
      Other similar examples like modeling Vendor/VendorParty or Partner/PartnerParty, I can only find reference components VendorPartyReference, PartnerPartyReference inside Common Components, but no Vendor, Partner named EBO or common components in the EnterpriseObjectLibrary. I am struggling for the data model at his moment.

      I appreciate if anyone can give me any suggestions or share me some resources about the EBO library.

      Thanks In advance!