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    about iotop utility for python version

      Hi gurus,

      I am going to use iotop to monitor io stats per process, but after installed iotop on my linux(RH 4 kernel 2.6.39-100.5.1.el5uek), the iotop need more higher version of python as below

      Could not run iotop as some of the requirements are not met:
      - Python >= 2.5 or Python 2.4 with the ctypes module

      So I installed new version python 2.7.3 under /opt/python.2.7, but iotop utility still use python 2.4.3, which provided by Linux default.

      So can I point somewhere the iotop use new python 2.7.3, or I tried to change environment variable, but still can not work.

      appreciate your suggestion and help.