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    Siebel Smartscript errors: SBL-CSP-00230 // SBL-DAT-00398

      Hi all!

      We have two business components (parent and child).
      The first BC is Account. The other is Employee.

      We are trying to build a Smartscript to get info from the user which will be saved to the BCs.
      In our case we have one account and multiple employees.

      The Smartscript succeed to save the changes made to the Account BC (Parent) but when trying to add an employee (child) we got the following error message:

      [1] SBL-CSP-00230: Unable to save edits to BusComp '%1' specified for a question. Please notify your system administrator.
      [2] SBL-DAT-00398: Field <?> does not exist in definition for business component <?>.

      Even though we got this message, the first employee was saved successfully. However, when we tried to make a new record and add another employee, the message returned to appear and the changes were not saved.

      We tried to make two scripts: one is associated with the parent and the other with the child. In the child script, we used "SetFieldValue" to assign a value for the field that joining the two BCs. We used a previous existed ID and it works!!!

      When combining both it doesn't work! Not know why?!

      Anyone have any idea about what is going on?
      I will be grateful for your help.

      Thanks in advance.

      Kind regards,
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          We could find a way to handle the problem.

          We just put the following eScript code in the first and last questions located in the page associated with the child BC.

          The code is:
          function Question_Leave ()
          var BO = Script().CurrentQuestion().GetSaveBusObj();
          var ParentBC = BO.GetBusComp("Account");
          var fieldvalue= ParentBC.GetFieldValue("Id");
          with (ParentBC)
          SetSearchSpec("Id", fieldvalue);
          return (ContinueOperation);

          Not know what was exactly the problem and why this code solves it but it works! The problem was completely solved :-)

          May this will be helpful to whom facing similar problem.
          And I am open to hear any explanation :-)

          Kind regards,