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    Migrating HRMS incremental data


      Is there any way for migrating incremental data of HRMS schema/tables in oracle apps R12 from production database to test database. We performed EBS upgrade in test and the requirement is we need to migrate incremental data ( about 3 months of Hrms transactional data )

      Upgrade is done TEST 2 months before and in mean time there are lot of Hrms transaction done in PRODUCTION. Client asked us to migrate the hrms data from production to test for testing/analysis purpose

      Is it possible to do this ? We dont want full schema export/import . Only incremental data has to be migrated from production to test

      What will happen if we use export/ import or datapump in this case.

      Envirnoment is :
      Oracle apps :12.0.4
      Database :10.20.4

      Oracle apps : 12.1.3
      Database :

      Goal : migrate incremental data in hrms module ( last 3 months of record) from prod to test .