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    OCI connection pooling: logon to database verry slow

      I am experimenting with OCI connection pooling. In doing so I am facing a problem with the log on to the database: a call to OCILogon2() with a connection pool (OCI_LOGON2_CPOOL and pool name) lasts 4.5 seconds whereas a “normal” connection only requires about 0.05 seconds. To measure I used a modified version of the cdemocp.c file from RDBMS/demo of my database installation. Using OCIServerAttach()/OCISessionBegin() I get similar timings.

      Is this expected behavior or is there something going wrong?

      I tested against 32 bit server on windows server 2003 R2 and a 64 bit server on Windows 7 from Windows 7 64 bit client with 32 bit Instant Client and 64 bit oci libs from the server installation.

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