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    file system used space monitoring rule

    Tim Reidy
      All, I'm trying to change the way OC monitors disk space usage. I don't want it to report on nfs filesystems, except from the server from which they are shared.

      The monitored attribute is FileSystemUsages.name=*.usedSpacePercentage.

      I'd like it to only report on ufs and zfs filesystems. I've tried to create new rules using the attribures:


      But I don't get any alerts generated on system which I know violate the thresholds I've specified.

      Has anybody successfully set up rules like these? Am I on the right track? do ufs/UFS/zfs/ZFS need to be single or double quoted? Documentation with various examples is non-existent as far as I can tell.

      Any help is greatly appreciated

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          do you get any answers for this question? It seems like OEM12c has file system space usage monitoring setup for nfs mounted file systems, however I could not find a place to specify the threshold for those nfs mounted file sytems except root file system. does anybody know how to setup threshold of nfs mounted file systems(Netapp storage)? thank you very much