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    how to migrate WLS 6.1 to WLS 10.3.4

      Like the Title ,
      I need the method or guide or other reference to Migrate the WLS 6.1 to the WLS 10.3.4

      pls comment this theme or send me the mail : shinhua0425@gmail.com

      thank you
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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

          You cannot use the same upgrade guide as there are too many differences regarding the domain structure and security between versions WLS 6.x and WLS 10.3.4.

          There is no specific document which explains the process to upgrade from WLS 6.x to WLS 10.3.4. However, the documentation clearly explains the way to upgrade a WLS 6.x domain to a WLS 7.0 domain.

          Upgrading WebLogic Server 6.x to Version 7.0

          So, the solution is to upgrade in two steps:

          Upgrade from WLS 6.1 to WLS 7.0:


          Upgrade from WLS 7.0 to WLS 10.3.4:


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            Ravi Jegga
            Just a friendly note in addition to what Kalyan already mentioned. Its NOT Worth to try to upgrade. It just won't work. WLS 6.1 is like 10 yrs old back software and is completely overwritten. Even the EJBs java code you used at that time is wothless now. Take the same requirements rewrite and deploy on a brand new latest weblogic server domain.

            I happened to wok on much older versions of WLS like 4.5 where they had like 5 different servers for portal, campaign, core server and had concepts of pipelines etc. We rewrote the entire application which is far better investment of time and money. And it worked out pretty well for us.

            Ravi Jegga
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              Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle
              Thanks Ravi,

              It is really worthy note that you mentioned here related to specific App which works in various version user will be much benefited with this.

              thanks again :)