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    iStore login invoke before Configurator invoke

      Hi Gurus,

      I am working in oracle iStore EBS 12.1.3 there I am facing one issue as follows

      Initially I will be giving UserName and Password for iStore to login Specialty sites but after giving the login details also again its asking for login info. before the Configurator invoke in iStore.

      How I can solve this issue Could anyone please help me.

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          Hello Vinokuzhan,

          There is a profile in iStore which forces re-authentication for sensitive pages such as the Checkout pages.

          Test setting "IBE: Use Sensitive Pages = No"

          IBE: Use Sensitive Pages
          A sensitive page is a page that displays personal, user-specific information. In Oracle
          iStore, the checkout and account pages are sensitive. Catalog (sections and products),
          shopping cart, and Order Tracker pages are not sensitive. Yes value: Application
          re-authenticates a logged-in user before displaying a sensitive page. Value of No:
          Re-authentication does not take place. Default value: Yes.

          Then confirm if behavior continues and exact navigation when the user is again prompted to login.

          Thank you,
          Deborah Bourgeois
          Oracle Customer Support