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    WARNING OGG-01223  TCP/IP error 10054


      environment Window7, Oracle 11gr2(both sides in fact same machine just schema is different)
      I am trying to do GG bidirectional replication in between table stocksrc(src side) and stocktrg(target side)
      on source side:_
      I have 2 process
      1. extract exts1408
      2. replicat reps1408

      on target side_
      1. replicat rept1408
      2. extract extt1408

      source side is connected to target side
      extracts1408 is connected to rept1408
      reps1408 is connected to extt1408

      contents of:


      EXTRACT exts1408
      discardfile D:/Backup/GGMedia/64bit/Oracle/source/dirrpt/exts1408.dsc, purge
      USERID ggs@GGDB, PASSWORD ggs12345
      rmthost OFSSOPP386, port 7810
      rmttrail D:/Backup/GGMedia/64bit/Oracle/target/dirdat/rt
      TABLE ggs.stocksrc;


      REPLICAT rept1408
      USERID ggs1@GGDB, PASSWORD ggs12345
      MAP ggs.stocksrc, TARGET ggs1.stocktrg;


      replicat reps1408
      USERID ggs@GGDB, PASSWORD ggs12345
      MAP ggs1.stocktrg, TARGET ggs.stocksrc;


      EXTRACT extt1408
      USERID ggs1@GGDB, PASSWORD ggs12345
      RMTTRAIL D:/Backup/GGMedia/64bit/Oracle/source/dirdat/rs
      TABLE ggs1.stocktrg;

      i am not able to start extract at source side
      please see the error below (after view report exts1408 ):

      +2012-08-16 15:46:39 INFO OGG-01226 Socket buffer size set to 27985 (flush size 27985).+

      +2012-08-16 15:46:39 WARNING OGG-01223 TCP/IP error 10054 (An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.).+

      could anybody please help.

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          Mostly likely you have a network setting somewhere that disconnects after some interval of quiet communication. You can add a heartbeat table (go to MOS and query GoldenGate Heartbeat) or just add some dummy table of your own to replication and have it updated every X interval that is less than your timeout. Typically in production situations there's enough data coming through where this isn't an issue so you're probably running this on a test system.

          You can also set AUTORESTART in your manager param file.

          But either way, 10054 is a standard TCP/IP error and is technically outside the purview of OGG.

          Hmm... I just caught that this is one system. Then you don't need to use RMTHOST. You don't even need to have OGG installed twice. Just use one extract, write to a local trail, have the local replicat read from that local trail and apply SQL changes.

          Good luck,
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            best thing is to look at tcperr.log .. which will be somewhere in your GG home ... find it :)
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              maybe your firewall is blocking access? You could use telnet to see if you can connect remotley, to the port that should be enabled.
              Something like:

              telnet 4056 -ladmin

              where 4056 is the port number

              On the server where you have the issue, you can also run the following dos command to see if the server is listening on the port, you expect to be using:

              netstat -ano

              look at the State column where State is LISTENING
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                Check out ggserr.log on remote when you start replication...
                Possibly dynamic range is not wide to give a connection to you or network issue...
                Please let me know what you see in remote. ...