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    Relationship to be established through text attribute

      I have an issue - described below. Please try to stick to the specification and describe how it is to be done.

      Screen n: Information about representative
      Screen n+1: Primary information about the person (entity screen, collecting entity instances of 'the person' - collects details about everybody)
      Screen n+2: Other information

      Attributes in 'Other information' screen:
      Relationship with representative (Attribute type: Text. Input type: Drop-down-list)

      Question: How do I establish a relationship from the given text?
      For example, if the text selected is "Father", then the relationship should be "current member" is the "father" of "representative"
      Assume that all many-to-many relationships (Eg: "the person is the father of") exist.

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          Matt Sevin-Oracle
          Use a rule to determine the relationship. For example:

          the person is a member of the representative's father if
          the person's relation to representative = "Father"

          Note the above assumes the representative is global entity and the relationship "the representative's father" is an inferred relationship (which must be many-many to be inferred). If there is only one representative, then that entity should be represented with global attributes (e.g. the representative's name would be a global attribute).

          The above rule would need to be adjusted if the representative is a non-global entity and/or more than one can exist. In that case, you would also need a "scoping" condition to specify the conditions to identify which representative (e.g. the representative's ID = "primary") should participate in the relationship with which person (i.e. conditions on each to "match" them together).

          See the function reference for "is a member of" examples and scoping functions as needed. The help also contains topics and examples on inferred relationships.