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    Collect 'secondary information' of all the people in the same screen

      I have an issue. Please try to stick to the specification.

      Pre-requisites: Screen n: The person's details (Screen is used to collect entity instances. Entity: the person. Attributes collected: Name, Age, etc.)
      Specification: Screen (n+1): Collect preferred colour of all the people

      For example:
      Screen n:
      Name: A
      Age: 1
      Name: B
      Age: 2
      Name: C
      Age: 3

      Screen n+1:
      A's favourite colour: <Drop-down-list>
      B's favourite colour: <Same drop-down-list>
      C's favourite colour: <Same drop-down-list>
      Will setting up a 1-1 relationship solve the problem? Please reply.
      NOTE: Names of ALL the people are listed in screen n+1

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          Davin Fifield-Oracle
          It will work, but you will get a separate screen to collect A's favourite colour, B's favourite colour, etc.

          You'll also need to make sure the list of colour entities is pre-populated.

          You could try an advanced customization to create a single screen to collect the favourite colour for every person. But that wouldn't be trivial.


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            Jasmine Lee-Oracle
            Another option which I think will give the result you're after is to use an entity collect screen to collect the favourite colours, but hide the Add/Remove buttons.

            As you will have seen on your regular entity collect screen, an entity collect screen can be used to collect the same attribute for multiple instances of the entity, e.g. name, age, etc. in your example above. The reason to hide the Add/Remove buttons on the Favourite Colour screen is because you want to prevent people from creating/deleting instances of the entity from that screen. The creation/deletion of entity instances should only be allowed on the proper entity collect screen.

            Removing the Add/Remove Instance buttons from an entity collect screen is not out-of-the-box functionality. However, it can be done by using Custom Properties and editing Velocity Templates.

            There are instructions in the OPA Developer's Guide: Example: Add and remove buttons on Entity Collect screens
            http://docs.oracle.com/html/E36316_01/Content/Tutorials%20and%20Samples/Eg_Add_Remove_Buttons_on_Entity_Collect_Scr.htm (this link is to the 10.4.1 doco - look for the equavalent article if using a slightly earlier versions of OPA)

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              Thanks Jasmine.
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