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    Mismatch in Business Events raised and Created Instances in SOA

      Hey Friends,

      I'm facing a weird kind of issue. I have a requirement where Im pulling Expired Contracts from EBusiness Suite through Business Event and giving that to a third party through SOA.
      The Business Event is raised for contracts expiring today. For better vision on E-Business Suite I'm dumping the picked expired contracts into a staging table. The Business Event dumps the data into WF_BPEL_QTAB in a structured XML format. My BPEL program subscribes to this event, in compilance with an XSD. (XML format in which EBS gives its output)
      So Now,
      When I run this program it extracts a set of contracts expiring today. Say 100.
      My Staging Table shows count of 100.
      My WF_BPEL_QTAB shows count of 100.
      When I see my SOA composite, I cant find only 90 instances created. I miss 10 contracts.
      When I re-run the program, the same set of contracts are missing. And the count is not the same for the second day.
      I couldn't find why these contracts are failing to be consumed when the rest of them can have their happy path.
      Can anyone help me with this.