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    Save ADMN Export file not working

      I have a team member who when he tries to save a generated export file from ADMN export receives this error: Cannot Copy file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.

      Whats weird is it is only his PC that this happens on. We tried several other different PCs and it works fine. No such error.
      And he has Administrator access on WIN XP

      1) Generate and save token file from Target system.
      2) Go into Source system
      3) ADMN >> Activities > Eport
      4) Browse to get token file. Upload token file.
      5) Choose ADMN to export. Click Save file button. File manager popup asks where to save file. He chooses desktop folder.
      6) Clicks ok and gets error.

      Anyone else had this happen before?

      This happens in both 6.0 and