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    Newb ? on exception - Incompatible Class Mutation Missing to Evolve Class

      I've been able to go through the dpl example in the Getting Started manual with little problems. I've just started to try and integrate bdbje with a rest framework called dropwizard and am getting the below exception. I'm not running in a replicated environment but in a stand alone mode. Could anyone provide any suggestions on what is going wrong or what I may be doing wrong. Thanks for any suggestions or pointers.

      Exception in thread "main" com.sleepycat.persist.evolve.IncompatibleClassExcepti
      on: (JE 5.0.58) Mutation is missing to evolve class: CSWS.WBSMenu version: 0 Err
      or: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: CSWS.WBSMenu
      Mutation is missing to evolve class: CSWS.WBS version: 0 Error: java.lang.ClassN
      otFoundException: CSWS.WBS
      Mutation is missing to evolve class: CSWS.WBSSpread version: 0 Error: java.lang.
      ClassNotFoundException: CSWS.WBSSpread
      (Note that when upgrading an application in a replicated environment, this excep
      tion may indicate that the Master was mistakenly upgraded before this Replica co
      uld be upgraded, and the solution is to upgrade this Replica.)
      at com.sleepycat.persist.impl.PersistCatalog.init(PersistCatalog.java:51
      at com.sleepycat.persist.impl.PersistCatalog.initAndRetry(PersistCatalog
      at com.sleepycat.persist.impl.PersistCatalog.<init>(PersistCatalog.java:
      at com.sleepycat.persist.impl.Store.<init>(Store.java:204)
      at com.sleepycat.persist.EntityStore.<init>(EntityStore.java:190)
      at csws.CSWSConfiguration.getBDBJEEntityStore(CSWSConfiguration.java:58)

      at csws.CSService.initialize(CSService.java:24)
      at csws.CSService.initialize(CSService.java:12)
      at com.yammer.dropwizard.AbstractService.initializeWithBundles(AbstractS
      at com.yammer.dropwizard.cli.ServerCommand.run(ServerCommand.java:49)
      at com.yammer.dropwizard.cli.ConfiguredCommand.run(ConfiguredCommand.jav
      at com.yammer.dropwizard.cli.Command.run(Command.java:111)
      at com.yammer.dropwizard.AbstractService.run(AbstractService.java:197)
      at csws.CSService.main(CSService.java:14)
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          Since you are just starting to use BDB JE, I suspect that you simply need to wipe out the JE environment (delete the contents of the JE home directory, all .jdb files) and start from scratch. Errors such as this occur when you store data, and then change your persistent classes without providing mutations for evolving them properly.

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            Right that was the issue. I naively wrote to the database with one version of my program then tried to read from an updated version of the same program.