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      • 15. Re: Create file on javacard
        Dwyane wrote:
        do you have a better way to stor a picture on the card ?
        Yes. Daisy-chain of ordinary APDUs.
        • 16. Re: Create file on javacard
          In case of usage ExtendedLengh the APDU buffer size is 32 KB.
          If your card has a 72KB EEPROM therefore you should have ~ 72-32=40KB card memory for your applets.
          It is up to 32KB. In reality it is around 8KB from my experience. This buffer is limited by the amount of RAM on the card. It would not be a good idea to have the APDU buffer in EEPROM since it is accessed often and needs to be cleared at the end of a command. This would be bad for performance and would end up wearing out your EEPROM.

          - Shane
          • 17. Re: Create file on javacard
            What is the error you get? Have you tracked down the line of code causing problems?

            As mentioned previously, if extended length APDU's don't work, you can use command and response APDU chaining. You can find a fully working example on the forum :)

            - Shane
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