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    /apex/listenerAdmin not showing images/applying stylesheet

    Scott Wesley
      I'm setting up a laptop to use APEX and I'm having issues at utilising

      I'm using:
      Oracle 11gR2
      Apex 4.1.1
      Windows 7 64 bit

      At first I tried using the Apex listener 2, but I couldn't get past a very nicely dressed message saying the listener hasn't been set up, directing me back to the documentation.
      So I removed that deployment and deployed the 1.1.4 war

      Now when I attempt the listenerConfigure or listenerAdmin address it takes me to the page where I set up the database connection. However the logo is missing and the tabs aren't painted with css.

      When I attempt to apply the profile regardless, it navigates to a blank page with no confirmation - but now listenerConfigure announces in plain text that it's already configured.

      listenerAdmin can't find it's supporting files.
      For instance, the logo url is
      And I can't think how this url may have been constructed, or what path it be trying to point at

      http://localhost:8080/apex/listenerStatus returns -403