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    Remote admin Solaris 10

      I want to remote desktop to Solaris 10 from a Windows desktop. Please advice options.

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          Hi, user10067564,
          Lots of people want to do this. I strongly advise you to use PuTTY ( http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ )
          Here is a short instruction about how to use it:

          1) Download and open open PuTTY.
          2) Under host name, put "username@solaris.server.ip".
          3) Then, on the left, find Connection/SSH/X11 sub-panel.
          4) Make sure you check "Enable X11 Forwarding", and in the "X display location", put "localhost:0:0" in the box.
          5) Press "Open" to start PuTTY.
          6) Now run the command "xeyes &".

          If you have any questions, ask.
          Kirill Babeyev
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            The other options is to use the Xmanager enterprise tool.

            Its a great utility.
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              I will try xlaunch and update here.

              thanks for your response