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    convert JMS Headers from EBCDIC to ASCII when using JMS Bridge (WLS<->WMQ)

      I have a Java app on Weblogic 11g using a Message Bridge to talk JMS with IBM Websphere MQ. The MQ server is running on IBM z/OS platform which uses EBCDIC encoding. I need to use the Weblogic message selector feature to filter messages on the bridge coming from Websphere MQ. But the JMS Headers of MSGs posted by WMQ are in EBCDIC format. How can I instruct MQ to convert the msg headers to ASCII before put on the bridge? Is there any flag on bindings config file? Or can I set some WMQ specific header before sending the msg on WLS side?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

          Such option is not possible in weblogic but I think this property will help you with in MQ.

          Property - Convert EBCDIC newline

          Description - EBCDIC code pages contain a new line (NL) character that is not supported by the ASCII code pages (although some ISO variants of ASCII contain an equivalent). If messages are sent from a system that uses EBCDIC code pages (for example, a z/OS system) to a system that uses ASCII, you can control how the EBCDIC newline character is converted into ASCII format.
          The default value is NL_TO_LF, which means that the EBCDIC NL character (X'15') is converted to the ASCII line feed character LF (X'0A') for all EBCDIC to ASCII conversions. To convert the EBCDIC NL character according to the conversion tables on your operating system, click TABLE. Note that the results of a TABLE conversion can vary from platform to platform and from language to language; even on the same platform the results might vary if you use different coded character set identifiers (CCSIDs). To convert ISO CCSIDs using the TABLE method and use the NL_TO_LF method for all other CCSIDs, click ISO.
          Registry Stanza Key - ConvEBCDICNewline

          Also, the MQSeries (not MQSC) adapter provides the data conversion property may handle this conversion as well.