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    IF condition in UNIX


      I am running a shell script

      echo "Inside the shell script for product Loading"
      tmp=`wc -l product.csv| sed 's/[^0-9]//g'`
      echo $tmp
      if [ "$tmp" -eq "0" ]
      echo "Nodata file exists"

      its throwing error as
      sample1[4]: syntax error at line 4 : `if' unmatched

      Can any one suggest on this
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          "If unmatched" indicates a problem with your if-then construct. Did your create the script under Linux or did you copy it from a MS Windows system? In the later case your script may not have proper line endings.

          What happens after you process your script with the "dos2unix" command (yum install dos2unix) or for use perl, for intance

          dos2unix script.sh
          perl -pi -e 's/\r\n/\n/g' script.sh
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            user6149203 wrote:

            if [ "$tmp" -eq "0" ]
            Behaviour may differ between shells - but for bash, this operator expects numeric input. So if +$tmp+ is null/nothing, the condition will fail. E.g.
            /home/billy> LINES=""
            // -eq operator results in a numeric evaluation that fails
            /home/billy> if [ "$LINES" -eq "0" ]; then echo "Lines is zero"; fi;
            bash: [: : integer expression expected
            // the = operator supports string checking and works
            /home/billy> if [ "$LINES" = "0" ]; then echo "Lines is zero"; fi;