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    Automation Error in MS Word

      This isn't a question but I wanted to get in the forum to help other people.

      Recently, we had an Issue with MS Word reporting 'Automation Error' when trying to use the BI Publisher plugin.

      This was strange, since:
      - It occoured on every machine we had MS Word installed on.
      - Even machines that were previously working stopped.

      The solution to the issue (was eventually found here):


      Interestingly the date of the post is quite recent (16.08.2012).
      And just fyi, the solution is to unregister and re-register the C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX file - this is in the link but I wanted to record it just in case the link gets deleted or something.

      So I just wanted this posted to the forum in case it will help other people.
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          Many thanks for the solution. I spent several hours to realize that you have a ready solution for this problem.

          Rest, please note this command has to be Run as an administrator to get the MSCOMCTL.OCX re-registered.
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            Pawan S-Oracle
            If on a 64-bit machine, type the following:

            regsvr32.exe /u C:\Windows\SysWOW64\MSCOMCTL.OCX

            Hit ENTER

            then type

            regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\SysWOW64\MSCOMCTL.OCX

            If on a 32-bit machine, type the following:

            regsvr32.exe /u C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX

            hit ENTER

            then type

            regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX

            Your Office program should work again after doing this.
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              tmrabet - oracle
              Excellent, Thank you very much for this useful link.

              The fix for the problem is accessible directly on Microsoft website through this URL : http://support.microsoft.com/KB/2597986

              There is also a link to download an executable file that fixes the problem automatically. (It changes whatever needs to be changed in the registry). It worked perfectly for me.