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    how to use SEM_RELATED & SEM_MATCH in a single query


      I am trying to combine RDF and RDBMS data using SEM_RELATED.

      Below sample is working fine but the requirement is i have to add few more conditions in SEM_MATCH

      Please suggest me how to combine sem_match and sem_related in a single query.

      Please provide me the example which use SEM_MATCH and SEM_RELATED in a single query.

      SELECT distinct dg_term_property.CONTEXT_NM FROM dg_term_property,dg_term
      WHERE SEM_RELATED ('<http://www.cs.com/mdm/data_glossary#Facilities>',
      sem_models('GSR_PR_CURR'), sem_rulebases('owlprime')) = 1

      Let me know if you need any other details.

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          Hi Kavitha,

          I am not sure what exactly you are trying to accomplish with this query but the use of the SEM_RELATED is incorrect. To fulfill your requirement most likely you may not even need to combine SEM_RELATED with SEM_MATCH. Actually those two are not built to be used together.

          Take a look at the SEM_RELATED documentation and see if you can use it to get the results you need. The example that you are providing is not using the SEM_RELATED correctly.

          Here is the documentation:


          Go to:

          2.3 Using Semantic Operators to Query Relational Data


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