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    Job done succeeded but with no effect.

      Annoing issue is happening with my procedure. It works perfectly when i execute it manualy via sqlplus(lasts over 5 sec), but i made a scheduled job with this procedure, and now it lasts less than one second, and completes SUCCEEDED... with no data changed.

      Here is a statement:

      generate_gid(i_prefix => '0009', i_note => 'gen_gid', i_do_commit => c.yes);

      i am a newbie in oracle so can you please tell me if any addition information is required to solve this guess.

      Schema     ROSTOV_IVC_MAIN
      Enabled     TRUE
      Description     None
      Logging Level     Log everything (FULL)
      Job Class     DEFAULT_JOB_CLASS
      Auto Drop     FALSE
      Restartable     FALSE
      Repeat     By Hours
      Interval (Hours)     1
      Available to Start     11-Jan-2010 00:00:00 GMT+04:00
      Raise Events     None
      Maximum Run Duration (minutes)     None
      Priority     Medium
      Schedule Limit (minutes)     None
      Maximum Runs     None
      Maximum Failures     None
      Job Weight     1
      Instance Stickiness TRUE