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    Attributes / Variable assignment in Excel

    Paul Fowler
      How do you create a variable assignment in Excel that passes the "test script coverage" report?

      We thought we were being clever when we put a list of our variable assignments in Excel. This allowed us to sort the assignments (something we could not do in Word.)

      Our process in Excel:
      We put an empty cell in the top row with the "OPM - Condition Heading" style.
      In the rows underneath that, we put our attributes with the "OPM - Conclusion Heading" style.
      To the right of the attributes, we put the assigned values with the "OPM - Conclusion" style.

      We had our nicely sortable list of variables and assignments. It looks cool and works quite well.

      However, test coverage analysis reports conclude that we have not tested the attributes since we didn't test for the "uncertain" path. Of course, our variables can never be "uncertain"! To some degree, the test coverage report is wrong, but I understand that the generated rule is an if-then-else rule and not a straight assignment...

      Thoughts? Is there a better way to do the variable assignment in Excel? Should we just live with it? Should we create a mock test with all our variables overridden to be "uncertain" or should we do something else?