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    Information on the Webtop

      Hi All,

      We are running v 4.62.913 and would like to display customized messages on the user webtop. Any suggestions

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          Hello, SGD_Admin,
          Which messages are you talking about ?
          I can only advise you some parts from Oracle Documentation:

          For Active Directory and LDAP directories, there are enhancements to how SGD handles password expiry. SGD can now be configured to do the following:
          Display a warning message on the webtop, telling the user that their password is about to expire
          Deny authentication and force the user to reset their password at the next log in.

          Write more info to me @ http://1dayotn.blogspot.com/p/question-me_7.html

          If you have any questions, ask.
          Kirill Babeyev
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            Hey, thanks for the update. What we are looking to do is add a blurb, ie a link to where the user can get help if password changes fail.
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              If the message is pretty static (and it reads like it is), you could edit the JSP and add your content. For the standard webtop, the page is: