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    temporary tables are getting created in backend after validate

      Hi Everyone

      i have an issue in fdqm when i validate a datafile this is creating some additional tables in the backend. why this data is not going to some dataseg table why this is creating a temporary table with a username who logs in? please clarify

      temporary table for validate i believe gets created for customized mappings and gets deleted after the validate but these remains in the table and not getting deleted.

      appreciate your early response !!!!

      the table name is like shown below

      dbo.txxxxx0372419568980 where xxxxx is the user name this is getting created in backend fdqm database.

      do i need to check/uncheck any option pertaining to validate. also please let me know how to improve the performance of import and validate. i have one bigger file with 50000 records when i import a file with those many records ths takes 5 to 6 minutes for import and some files does nt even get imported which are bigger than this. is there any problem with some fdqm settings or do i need to customize the imports any where